Garage Door Roller Repair & Replacement Austin texas

Garage Door and Overhead Door Roller Replacement

Aladdin Doors of Austin backs our Garage Door Rollers with a lifetime warranty.

Do You Have Broken or Warped Garage Door Rollers?
We offer same day service for garage door roller replacements!

Is your garage door no longer opening and closing as smoothly as you’d expect it to?  Does the garage door make strange noises as it open and closes?

If so, your garage door rollers might need to be replaced.  The rollers help guide your garage door up and down along it’s track smoothly, just like a wheel bearing helps the wheel of a car turn smoothly, garage door rollers do the same thing!

If the rollers on your doors have gotten really dirty or dusty or they are just plain tired from the constant wear and tear of using the door, they can break or come off their track or they can wear down to the point where they are no longer effectively working.

The result is door that may be really difficult to operate, noisy or it might even get stuck or come off it’s track!

Aladdin Doors of Austin is a garage door service and repair company serving Austin and the Cedar Park area.  We specialize in the inspection, maintenance and repair of garage door rollers and overhead door rollers and track systems.

Garage Door Roller Replacement and Repairs Austin TexasImportant Door Roller Info: Aladdin Doors of Austin only sells 13-ball bearing nylon rollers to ensure the door rolls smoothly along the track.  We use 7” stem rollers at the top and bottom fixtures of the door to ensure that if the door is bumped/hit that the likelihood that it will come off the track is reduced. Aladdin Doors of Austin backs this product with a lifetime warranty.

From fixing the rollers on a single garage door at your home to replacing or fixing the garage door rollers on a dozen overhead doors or more in a large facility, our experienced door technicians will arrive on-time with the necessary parts and tools on-hand to complete your repair on the first visit.

Garage Door Roller Repair & Replacement Austin Texas

  • Garage door roller replacements
  • Overhead door roller replacements
  • Commercial door roller replacements
  • Facility door roller replacements

Properly Maintaining Your Garage Door Rollers

If you’re looking at replacing your garage door rollers, you’re probably going to want to know how to maintain them properly so they don’t need to be replaced again.  The key to a long life for your garage door rollers is proper lubrication.  To properly lubricate your garage door rollers you don’t want to use WD-40 or an Oil!  Both of these are actually “de-greasers” and will be counter productive.  The best lubricant for your garage door rollers is a spray can of lithium grease.  The lithium grease can easily be sprayed into the rollers without making a mess.

We are often asked if it’s a good idea to add lubrication into the door track (where the rollers run) and the short answer is No!  The only thing you need to do with your garage door track is make sure it’s kept clean and free and clear of dust and debris.

Why Choose Aladdin Doors of Austin For Garage Door Roller Replacement?

Aladdin Doors of Austin TexasWhen you choose Aladdin Doors of Austin you’re partnering with a small, local, family run company that’s large enough to serve all of your door services needs 24/7/365 but we’re still small enough to treat you as if you were our only customer and make sure you’re 110% satisfied with our services.

We specialize in repairing and replacing broken, missing and worn out garage and overhead door rollers.  Our door technician will arrive on-site in a marked vehicle with all of the parts and tools necessary to repair your door in the first visit.

If you’d like to receive an estimate to repair or service the door rollers in your building please give us a call 512-931-4298 or fill out our contact form and someone will be getting right back to you.