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We specialize in same day service for garage door repair in Austin TX.

Is your garage door broken and no longer working correctly?  Is the garage door extremely noisy or no longer smooth in it’s operation?  You’re not alone!  It’s not uncommon for a garage door system to have a mechanical failure.  Garage door failures happen a variety of ways and can be caused by being impacted by a vehicle, lack of maintenance, poor quality components and even poor installation practices.  If you’re garage door is broken and not opening and closing correctly you need the speedy same day service of a garage door professional like Aladdin Doors of Austin.

Aladdin Doors of Austin is a full service garage door repair company specializing in the service, repair and installation of all types of garage door systems for residential buildings throughout Austin and Cedar Park Texas.  From a simple garage door track repair to replacing a garage door spring or even replacing your entire old and weathered garage door with a new, modern upgrade.

Garage Door Repairs Austin Texas

Has Your Garage Door Jumped Off It’s Track?

If your garage door has come off its track, you will likely need immediate repair services.  A garage door that has come off it’s track leaves your house and belongings unsecured until you can get it repaired properly.  Simple preventative maintenance on your garage door can help prevent the door from coming off its tracks in the future. It’s always a good idea to examine the brackets that hold the garage door tracks in place to your garage wall. Look for loose screws or bolts that might be causing a vibration when the door cycles.

Do Not Lubricate Or Add WD-40 or Oil To Your Garage Door Track!  It Only Needs To Be Kept Clean!

Is Your Garage Door Extremely Noisy or Jerky In It’s Operation?

The good news is, a noisy garage door doesn’t always mean a broken garage door.  In some cases (not all) it’s just a case of lubricating the door with some proper lithium grease.  However, your garage door system contains many moving parts and if they get dirty, or the lubrication dries up it will accelerate the wear on your moving parts like rollers and bearings and all of the pivot points actually holding the door together.  When this happens they will make noise.  That noise is your warning that something is not right and if you ignore it, the noises will eventually become parts failure.

Our technicians are available 24/7 to repair or service your garage doors.  Our technicians will arrive to your location with a fully stocked parts and service truck so that we’ll be able to fix your door on the first visit.

Why Choose Aladdin Doors of Austin For Your Garage Door Repairs in Austin Texas?

Aladdin Doors of Austin TexasWhen you choose Aladdin Doors of Austin you’re partnering with a small, local, family run company that specializes in working with garage and overhead door systems.

We are a company that’s large enough to serve all of your door services needs 24/7/365 but we’re still small enough to treat you as if you were our only customer and make sure you’re 110% satisfied with our services.

Whether you’ve had a door spring break, your door has come off it’s track or your doors need frequent service the team at Aladdin Doors of Austin is ready to provide you with service right now.

If you’d like to receive an estimate to repair or service the garage door system on your home or garage please give us a call 512-931-4298 or fill out our contact form and someone will be getting right back to you.

Description: Chris the owner came out to service our door on a Sunday night (during a holiday weekend). Extremely professional, on time, great communicator and low prices. We were very happy with Aladdin and plan to use them again in the future. We would highly recommend them.
Written by: Frank L.
Rating: 5 out of 5