What You Need To Know About Replacing Your Garage Door Opener

Replacing Your Garage Door Opener

Next to your garage door, the garage door opener is the most important, functional part of your garage door system, it’s actually the heart of the system as it provides the muscle and mechanical force to open and close the door on demand.

If your garage door lift is 15-20+ years old and you’ve never replaced, serviced or maintained it to the best of your knowledge it might be something you’ll want to look at in the near future.  Especially if it’s excessively noisy during operation, if it doesn’t work reliably all the time, or if you are worried about safety and home security.

When a garage door opener fails due to an accident, poor maintenance or it was just inadequate for the job your garage door will no longer open or close automatically and you’ll need to call in a professional garage door company to repair or replace the unit.  If and when your garage door opening system fails, it’s going to happen at a very inopportune time, trust us!

Let’s talk a little about garage door openers and their application with respect to residential garage door systems.

There are several different makes and manufacturers of garage door openers that we commonly see on customers homes throughout the Austin area. These include chain drive garage door openers, belt drive garage door openers and jackshaft garage door openers from manufacturers like LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman and more.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

Chain Drive Garage Door OpenerThis is one of the most common types of garage door opening systems because of it’s age (it’s been around for decades), availability and it’s economical cost. Chain driven garage door openers are usually better suited for heavier garage doors that could otherwise damage or prematurely wear out a belt driven system.

One of the draw backs to the chain-drive is that it will need to be maintained (there is moving metal parts) and it’s fairly noisy compared to a belt-driven system, so you might not want to install a chain driven system if the garage is next to or below a bedroom. The excess noise isn’t a problem if you’re going to be installing this on a detached garage or shop.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Liftmaster Garage Door InstallationsBelt driven garage door openers are the tried and true reliable garage door opening system that can last for decades in the right conditions. Instead of a chain, a belt, much like a very large fan belt for an automotive engine is used to pull the door up and let it down slowly.  This is the ideal setup for homes that have an attached garage with bedrooms located beside or above the garage. If the garage door has to open in the early morning or late evening your family members will appreciate it’s quieter operation.

The downside to a belt-driven garage door opener is that it’s not a very good choice if you have a heavy garage door. The belt will wear prematurely and you’ll likely face more in repair costs over the lifespan of the door than if you’d chosen a chain drive system.

Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

Jackshaft Garage Door Opener Installations For Commercial BuildingsDo you have a garage with very high or very low ceilings? Maybe you’re a car enthusiast or a mechanic and have a hoist in your garage? If the ceilings are too high it’s not going to be possible to install a chain driven or belt driven system as they are usually suspended from the ceiling. If the ceilings are too low, then you don’t want the opener taking up that additional head space or you might not get your vehicle in. In these situations, traditional openers just won’t work… The solution is a jackshaft opener.

A jackshaft garage door opener is installed beside the garage door instead of suspended from the ceiling. Jackshaft garage door openers are more expensive than other openers and are usually on best suited when one of the other two systems isn’t preferred.

1/3 HP, ½ HP or ¾ HP Which Is Best For Residental Garage Door Use?

We’ll start this one by saying only use 1/3 HP garage door opener if you have a small, lightweight door that is well balanced. These motors will wear out quickly if used with a heavier/larger door that is unbalanced or improperly installed. For garage doors in the 12′ wide or less category then a ½HP motor is probably more than enough and usually the preferred option. If you have a heavy garage door system (wood or heavy steel) then moving to a ¾ HP garage door opener would probably be a wise decision as the motor will last longer.

The Latest Garage Door Opener Technology

Garage door openers have come a lot further than just pushing a button on the wall or on your car visor. They now offer more security and convenience than ever before.
LiftMaster for example, offers security features like a rolling code system that works with their remotes and garage door openers. Every time the remote is used to open the door the code is changed behind the scenes and automatically synced to your opener and remote or smartphone, preventing thieves or nefarious parties from opening the door via collecting your access code.

Another example of useful new garage door opener tech is the MyQ app from LiftMaster which allows you the ability to control your garage door from anywhere in the world thanks to a smartphone, tablet or computer with access to the Internet. You’ll get peace of mind knowing the door is closed when you’ve had a busy day and just can’t remember if you closed it or not! You can control the door from anywhere and you’ll even get real-time alerts if the door is opened or closed for security purposes or catching your teenager out with the car when they shouldn’t be!

Aladdin Doors of Austin Can Help With Your Garage Door Opener Replacement and Installation Needs in Austin, Texas.

Aladdin Doors of Austin is a full-service garage door repair company that specializes in the replacement and installation of garage door openers. We sell and install garage door opening systems from LiftMaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman.

When our technicians arrive at your home they will be in a marked truck (we call them our garage door warehouses on wheels) and they will have all the parts we’ll need to address your problem.

You’ll find our technicians are very friendly and they are experts in everything there is to know about your garage door system and how to keep it operating smoothly and reliably for trouble free use.

If you’d to receive a FREE Estimate for garage door opener replacement or a new installation give us a call (512) 931-4298 or fill out our contact form if it’s not urgent and someone will get right back to you.