What You Need To Know About Replacing Garage Your Door Springs

Heavy Duty Garage Door Spring Replacements

Yep, those garage door torsion springs have the same weight rating but the new springs from Aladdin Doors of Austin on the left will last up to 10 times longer and are good for 100,000 cycles, with lifetime warranty!

Do You Have A Broken Garage Door Spring on your Austin Texas or Travis County Home?

Here is what you need to know about replacing garage door torsion springs on a residential garage door.  There are many garage door repair companies operating in the Austin, TX area that will replace your garage door springs, but what many consumers don’t know (and most repair companies won’t tell you) is that there are actually many different makes and models of torsion springs.

What does this mean to you?  Well, to the average consumer, a torsion spring is a torsion spring is a torsion spring as long at it makes the garage door open and close properly, most customers don’t really care.  But they should!  While the torsion spring your repair guy provides might fit on your garage door, it doesn’t mean they are all top quality, yet you’ll probably get billed just the same as if it were.  If it’s your garage door, and you’re the one paying for the replacement parts wouldn’t you want the better product?

The typical spring that many of our competitors are selling to Austin homeowners is a 10,000 cycle spring.  This means that every time the garage door goes up and down, it’s considered a complete cycle.  The average low-quality torsion spring will only last 7-10 years (or earlier) before it’s going to have a high likelihood of failure.

Aladdin Doors of Austin is the only garage door repair company in Austin to carry a 100,000 cycle torsion spring for residential garage door systems.  The 100,000 cycle torsion springs come with a lifetime warranty for 7 foot doors and a 10 year warranty for garage doors that are 8 feet high and above.

When we install one of our 100,000 cycle springs in our customers garage’s there is a good change that”ll be the last garage door spring they will ever have to replace on that door.

If you look at the math – 365 days a year times 20 years = 7,300. Now if divide 100,000 by 7,300 and you’ll see that you could use your garage door 13 times a day for 20 years before you’d get close to needing to replace our 100,000 cycle spring.

The competition may give a lifetime warranty on their 10,000 cycle garage door spring but they’re usually betting (hoping) you’ll forget their phone number or move out of the area long before it breaks, not Aladdin Doors of Austin. If you’re like us and you buy something with a lifetime warranty you don’t want to have to call anyone back for a really long time (probably never!) and with a 10,000 spring you might be calling back in 3 to 4 years if it’s cheap and poor quality.

Not only will our springs last 7 to 10 times longer than the average torsion spring but we’ll place a highly visible sticker on your door or near the wall button to ensure you have our contact information should you need to call us in the future.

Our customers often ask us if they can buy the replacement springs and do the work themselves.  You can only get our springs, if we install them on your garage door.  This is the only way our rock-solid lifetime warranty can apply.

Why choose Aladdin Doors of Austin To Replace Your Garage Door Springs?

Aladdin Doors of Austin TexasWhen we are asked what separates Aladdin Doors of Austin from all of the other garage door companies operating in Austin it’s difficult to summarize the differences in just a few words. The following is a list of things we believe separate us from the pack:

We Are Locally Owned & Operated – Yes, the owners really do live in the Austin area and they care about the community and their reputation within the community they serve.  You can count on your call being answered locally, no call-centers, talk directly to the team who will fix your garage door.

Insurance – While many garage door companies don’t carry any type of insurance to protect themselves or your home, we carry full liability insurance so you are protected if our technician accidentally breaks or damages something during the course of their work.  We also carry commercial automobile insurance and lastly workers compensation insurance to protect our employees if they are injured while working.

Technology – We utilize cloud based software that allows our technicians to immediately send repair or replacement estimates to a client within minutes of their visit and confirmation of measurements and equipment.  When a repair is completed invoices are delivered as soon as the job is finished. This eliminates the use of paper but it also gives the consumer a much more detailed invoice than you would receive if we had to write everything out. Don’t worry, if you’re not a “Techie” we can still hand write a receipt.

Identification – There will be no doubt who we are when we pull up to your home and ring your doorbell.  You’ll see a marked company vehicle (our garage door repair shop on wheels) and you’ll see our friendly and knowledgeable technician will be dressed in a company shirt

Warranty – You’ll receive a warranty on parts and our workmanship on every garage door repair or garage door installation that we perform whether it be residential or commercial. More importantly, we make potential warranty claim calls a priority!

Reviews – If you are wondering who the best garage door repair company in Austin is we recommend you take some time to read the reviews from our happy customers on multiple sites such as Google and Yelp prior to scheduling service. We’re not perfect but perfection is our ultimate goal with every customer interaction and we think you’ll see that in our reviews.

If you are looking for the right company to promptly replace your garage door springs give us a call 512-931-4298 or fill out our contact form if you’re not in a rush and we’ll get right back to you.

Remember:  If you call us before 2pm we guarantee same day service or the service call is FREE.