What You Need To Know About Replacing Garage Your Door Springs

Do You Have A Broken Garage Door Spring on your Austin Texas or Travis County Home?Here is what you need to know about replacing garage door torsion springs on a residential garage door.  There are many garage door repair companies operating in the Austin, TX area that will replace your garage door springs, but what many consumers don't know … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Your Garage Door Might Not Be Working & When To Call a Professional.

We've repaired dozens and dozens of residential and commercial garage door systems over the years and we've dealt with almost every possible repair issue you could imagine when it comes to garage door systems.From an accident with the car, to rodents or pests causing damage to sensors and wiring, to even lightining strikes that have fried the … [Read more...]

What You Need To Know About Replacing Your Garage Door Opener

Next to your garage door, the garage door opener is the most important, functional part of your garage door system, it's actually the heart of the system as it provides the muscle and mechanical force to open and close the door on demand.If your garage door lift is 15-20+ years old and you've never replaced, serviced or maintained it to the … [Read more...]

Garage Door Repair Tips: When Do You Call a Pro?

Your garage door is likely the largest moving system in your home, yet in many households it's maintenance is often totally ignored until there is a problem and the door is no longer operating as it normally should.  This inconvenience usually spurs a homeowner into action and they either try and repair the door themselves or they recognize the … [Read more...]